Quick start guide

Creating a twise is super easy. The very first time you sign up you will be presented with the onboarding wizard. You can also find the wizard as an option when you create a new twise from the admin. The wizard will take you through the process, step by step.

To create a new twise you need:

  • give it a name

  • provide a little background information, like what or who it will represent (a product, brand, yourself...)

  • define who it is for (i.e. who will be speaking/interacting with the twise)

  • add an image (optional)

  • give it knowledge, by uploading documents or scraping a website (can be done later)

  • pick a voice

All the above can be changed at any time.

Interactive demo

Click through the demo below to see how to create a twise in seconds using the onboarding wizard.

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