Voice models

Twise comes with two different voice models, BASIC and ADVANCED.

The main difference between the voices are the quality, where the advanced does usually sound much more human-like and warm.

The other important difference is the pricing. Due to the cost the advanced model required twice as many message credits as the basic model.


All voices speak all languages. Some will sound better that others and we recommend you trying out different models. You can start with the basic and switch to the advanced ones if needed/preferred.

Please note that even though the voices have been trained to have a spefic accent when they speak English, like American, British or Indian, all voices can speak other languages too, and the accent will not be reflected.

Voice cloning

Twise also allows for you to clone your voice. To do that you need to create a new twise, using the Wizard and click the AI twin option. When selecting voice model pick the voice cloning option - see the demo below.

File format and size

Please note that you can only use MP3 files, or Wav files for cloning your voice and files can be max 10MB.

Where can you find your cloned voice?

It can be found under the voice list, where you edit the voices for any twise. Look under ADVANCED voices. It will be available right after you go through the cloning process.

Demo of how to clone your voice

You can do this process multiple times to get different voices. Name the twise you create with the name you want for your voice.

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