Understanding how twise works with your content


Twise is designed to transform the way you interact with and present your content. Unlike traditional websites or platforms where every piece of content is displayed and indexed in its entirety, Twise intelligently selects the most relevant snippets or sections of your content to answer user questions. This ensures that your AI-driven answers are precise, accurate, and highly relevant, without being overwhelmed by the volume of data.

How we process your content

When you upload your content to Twise, it doesn’t use every single word verbatim. Instead, the AI analyzes your material and creates knowledge cards.

These knowledge cards are then used to inform the AI, and often multiple such cards (or snippets) will be used to inform the AI, to give it context.

This approach allows Twise to manage large amounts of content effectively, ensuring that only the most relevant parts are used to generate responses. Here’s how it works:

1. Content Analysis: Twise scans your uploaded content and knowledge cards to understand its context and structure.

2. Snippet Selection: Based on user queries, Twise identifies and extracts the most relevant snippets from your content.

3. Response Generation: Using these snippets, Twise constructs accurate and contextually appropriate answers for your users.

Best practises for uploading content

While Twise can handle large volumes of content, we recommend an iterative and structured approach to uploading your material for optimal performance:

1. Segment Your Content: Instead of uploading an entire website, book, or extensive document at once, break your content into smaller, manageable sections. This could be by topic, chapter, or any other logical division that suits your material.

2. Iterative Uploads and Testing: Upload your content piece by piece and test how Twise responds to different questions. This iterative process helps you fine-tune the content and ensure that Twise is accurately selecting the most relevant snippets.

3. Monitor and Adjust: Regularly review the answers generated by Twise. If necessary, adjust your content or the way it is uploaded to improve the quality and relevance of the responses.

Example workflow

1. Start Small: Upload a few sections or chapters of your content.

2. Test Queries: Ask Twise various questions related to the uploaded content to see how it responds.

3. Analyze Responses: Check the relevance and accuracy of the answers provided by Twise.

4. Refine Content: Make any necessary adjustments to your content or the structure of your uploads.

5. Repeat: Continue uploading more content in segments, testing, and refining as needed.

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