How twise learns from your content

Adding knowledge is a fundamental aspect of making your twise useful. All twises are created to limit the answers to the context they are given which comes from the knowledge, the content, you add.

By limiting the answers to its given knowledge we avoid what is often called "hallucinations", where the AI simply makes things up trying to answer as best it can.

Twise does not make things up. Instead it will say that it doesn't have the answer and make a polite statement. It will also add the user's question to the list of Unanswered questions that you can find under the Insights tab.

What happens when you upload a document?

Most AI tools, including ChatGPT, will use your original document to inform the AI. This leads to the black hole problem, where it's hard to know exactly from where the AI sources its answer, especially if you add multiple larger documents.

To solve for this issue we convert all uploaded documents that contain text into knowledge cards, which are basically a set of questions and answers that twise thinks your customers and users are likely to want to ask.

We use AI pre-processing of all documents to convert them into the cards which gives you visibility into exactly what the AI knows, and you can quickly find those cards and edit them, making sure twise always provides the right answer.

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