How to add a menu & navigation

Your twise has a sidebar with settings, but can also have a sidebar navigation, or menu, that will help the user find more information and get quick access to specific answers or content.

The answers that appear when users click any navigation item will appear super fast with no delay since we cache those answers once you stop editing your twise and 15 minutes has passed.

How does the navigation items work?

Essentially they work like user inputs that will query the AI to respond. The items could be anything, from something simple like About Us to a more complex query like: Who are the people behind this project?

You can add any text you want to the navigation by clicking the New Item button.

Create a navigation using AI

Twise can also create the navigation for you. You can have it create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) where it will look through all your uploaded information and try to detect what some common question users might have.

You can also create topics which will look more like a conventional navigation, so not in a question format.

In both cases the AI will aim to read all the content and create the navigation for you.

Once the AI is done creating the navigation for you it will appear on this same page. Please note that this can take several minutes.

Show the navigation on start

If you toggle on this option the navigation sidebar will always be visible, on desktop, upon load.

Doesn't seem to work?

If no navigation appears this might be due to your twise having too much content so it can't be processed due to context window limitations. We will expand this as the AI models get more capable.

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