Privacy and security

At Twise, we understand that privacy and security are top concerns for our users. Here’s how we ensure that your data remains secure and private, addressing the most common concerns:

Privacy Assurance: We guarantee that none of your data will ever be used to train any AI models outside of your specific Twise instance. Your data is completely confined to answering questions from users interacting with your Twise setup. This ensures that your information stays within your control and is not shared or utilized for any other purposes.

Robust Security Measures: Twise operates on Microsoft Azure, the same infrastructure trusted by many of the world’s most security-sensitive companies and governments. Azure provides state-of-the-art security features, including advanced threat protection, encryption, and compliance with global standards. We have implemented rigorous measures to protect your information, ensuring that your data is safe and secure at all times.

Recommendation: While Twise is built with robust security and privacy measures, we strongly recommend not using Twise for private or sensitive data. Twise is designed to interact with customers online and is ideal for public data, such as the information on your website. This approach ensures that the data shared is appropriate for the public domain and maximizes the benefits of Twise’s capabilities.

By focusing on public data and leveraging our strong security framework, you can confidently use Twise to enhance customer interactions without compromising on privacy or security.

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