How to match answers with visuals

Twise will only be able to find images or visuals, videos etc, that have clear descriptions and/or instructions for when they should be shown.

A trick is to place the exact question that a user might have inside the Instructions box so that the Ai can find it.

You can also add a description, for example: An image of a website widget.

How can you make sure that some images are not shown? Or avoid them being shared at the wrong place?

Try updating the Instructions field to either something very specific that will avoid it being show for more general queries.

Example: if you have an image of a house the more specific you are in the instruction the clearer the AI will understand when to show it and when not.

Avoid generic instructions such as: an image of a person

Instead try: An image of a young man, holding a sign, that illustrates how product helps

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