How to iterate and improve answer quality

As you test your twise you are likely to keep on adding more content, through new knowledge cards, as well as adding tweaking the instructions by adding or removing instructions from the communication style field.

Adding custom instructions in this field can help you in many ways:

  • Instruct it to not pronounce specific characters, like $ and instead say the full word "dollars"

  • Clarify how a specific word is pronounced

  • Change the tone of voice: "You are funny and will often tell a joke"

  • Give it specific instructions: "Ask clarifying questions before you provide an answer"

It's worth testing different prompts to see how it impacts the outcome.

Reset the conversation history & reload to see changes reflected

As you speak to twise it will always consider the past conversation history and that will greatly influence the output.

As you tweak the communication style or add more content you must reset the conversation as well as reload the page to see the changes reflected.

To reset the conversation history follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Twise and that are the creator or admin of the twise you want to reset

  2. Open the twise as you do when you talk and interact with it

  3. Open the hamburger menu

  4. Reload the page

The above process will let you test different settings in the best way possible.

Alternative approach - incognito mode

Open the twise in a new browser or in a new incognito window. Please note that Chrome seems to also remember the past conversations from multiple different incognito sessions.

Resetting conversations also deletes them from the conversation history

Please note that after resetting questions will not be visible in the insights or be registered as past conversations.

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